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The benefits of online education for your workforce

Who said that online education can only be implemented for students? It is in fact a great tool that can be utilised in corporations to benefit both the workforce and the company itself. With the focus rapidly shifting towards a healthier work-life balance, companies have realised that their workforce needs to be looked after now more than ever. One aspect companies have placed much focus on recently is in upskilling their workforce. A great way of doing this is to consider workshops and courses that can be done at the employee’s own time and pace.

Not only do the employees benefit from this but it is also a sought-after benefit when potential employees consider new roles. To top it off, the company itself will also have a happy workforce. This article aims to list benefits that a company can consider when looking at online education provided for its employees.

1. Flexibility & convenience

Online education can be accessed almost anywhere and at any time, from either your computer, smartphone or even tablet. The only prerequisite is a digital device and a stable internet connection. Whether you’re at home, on holiday or even at work, you will be able to access your courses any time of the day. Online courses work around the flexibility of your employees instead of the other way around.

2. Effective time management

Since you do not necessarily need to plan for workshops or speakers beforehand, you are able to slot a time for online training if and when it suits your team’s busy schedule. Life happens, and we all need to balance work, play and family time and due to the fact that there is no set time to attend your lessons, you can effectively manage your schedule to suit your personal needs. On top of this, eLearning is quick and cost-effective (we’ll get to this a bit later too) and you don’t need to spend hours and months to finish a course or module. eLearning or online education is provided in bite-sized pieces of information that can be easily retained by students.

3. Self-motivation

Studying online takes a lot of focus, determination and self-motivation. Employers and potential employers alike view this as a positive trait when looking to promote or hire an employee. It also shows that you can learn and make decisions independently.

4. Self-paced learning

It happens that you might know the basics of a topic and would much rather skip a lesson or two. With traditional learning, this is not possible. eLearning allows a student the opportunity to skip or scan through certain tasks, lessons and activities a lot quicker if they feel that they have sufficient knowledge of that subject.

5. Wide selection of courses (improving technical skills)

Whether you would like to learn how to create your own candles or are interested in a leadership and management course, the options that online education offers you are inevitable. Not only do you have a wide variety of courses to choose from but studying online also improves students’ technical skills. Listing an online course on your résumé not only indicates that you are a self-starter but that you have the technical skills required by most companies nowadays.

6. Cost-effectiveness

Traditional learning comes at a cost and for good reason too. With online education, you don’t have the overhead costs many traditional learning institutions have. In turn, this allows online learning institutions the ability to offer exceptional quality courses at a fraction of the price.

7. Employee retention

Employee retention can be motivated by means of offering online learning options. It has become a norm for a lot of companies to add learning opportunities as part of their employee benefits packages. Not only does it allow employees the opportunity to upskill but it shows that the company has an interest in the employee as an individual by looking after their personal needs too

8. Accommodates different learning styles

Through the means of interactivity and gamification, online learning allows catering for a variety of different learning styles. In conjunction with self-paced learning, this allows the student to retain information a lot better than being forced to sit in a class for long periods of time.

9. Standardised and consistent

Since online courses are standardised and consistent, your results will speak for themself. Results can usually be accessed immediately as well. The same standard and consistency will be applied to all other students that take the same course.

10. Support from experts and global collaboration

Although eLearning is mostly self-motivated and -driven, students do have the option to ask for help from experts if need be. You also have the opportunity to connect with fellow classmates from around the world, thus enhancing your global collaboration experience.

If you are considering online education from a company or employee perspective, there are increased benefits for both parties. Head on over to Upskillist to check out the variety of courses offered that are accessible, affordable and convenient.

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