You will receive an invite in your email from the Admin on your account, there will be a link in the email which will bring you directly to the sign up page where you will be asked to fill in some quick details such as your name and password.

To reset your password go to the login page. Here there is a link under the password field which will allow you to send a code to your email address. Once the code has been sent you will be able to copy this code from your email and paste it into the code field displayed on the login page. You will then be able to enter a new password and login to your account.

If you should have received an invite, please first check your spam folder. If you see no email here please ask your Admin to resend the invite.

The onboarding task list found in the home section provides you with a list of important things you should do to complete the setup of your account. For Learners it involves picking a course, taking an aptitude test, watching your first lesson and uploading a profile photo.


Enrolling in your first course can be done from the home section. To enroll in courses thereafter please navigate to the browse section where you will see a full catalogue of our courses. Selecting any of the courses in the browse section will allow you to see a full breakdown of the course including module and lesson descriptions.

Course Content

Lessons are sections of content taken from particular topics of a course. Each lesson contains a video explaining the topic, study notes and slides for that topic. A module is a group of 8 lessons with an assessment at the end.

Course Materials are extra pieces of learning created by our in house team of education experts provided free of charge for each of our courses. This includes a starter pack for each course, study notes for each lesson and slides for each lesson. To download your course materials please navigate to your course content where you will see a ‘Course Materials’ tab. Alternatively at the bottom of each of your lesson pages you will see the specific materials that relate to the selected lesson.

Our classes vary in length from 15 minutes in some of our shorter accelerator courses to 45 minutes in some of our longer diploma courses.

Yes, once signed up you have access to all courses in the Upskillist catalogue with every course being on demand. On our starter plan this means you can watch any lesson at any time from any course up to a maximum of 10 lessons per month per company account. On our enterprise plan there is no restrictions at all and everything is unlimited!

Before each course we have an optional aptitude test. This will give you an initial evaluation of where your skills are currently for this course. You can find the results of your aptitude test in the certificates tab in the course content section.

Assessments & Certificates

The weekly assessments are short optional quizzes usually of about 20 questions to help you recap and test your knowledge of the material from your lessons. There are weekly assessments after every second lesson in your course. The final assessment is at the end of each module and contains about 80 questions taken from that full module. This final assessment must be passed in order to receive your module certiticate and move onto the next module. When you have completed all module final assessments in a course then you have completed the course!

To pass any assessments from Upskillist you will need to receive a grade of 50% or above.

There is no limit to the amount of times you can retake an assessment. To retake the assesments simply navigate to the relevant assessment and you will see an option to retake.

If you have passed a module, you can go to the ‘Certificates’ tab in the course content section. Here you will see all of your assessment scores and certificates you have received. At the bottom of this page you will see an option for downloading your certificates.


With the Starter Plan, each account has access to watch 10 lessons overall for free per month (irrespective of how many people have access). If you upgrade to an Enterprise Plan where you pay for licenses per employee, your account will receive unlimited access to all lessons for all employees for whom you have purchased a license.