Soft Skills Training & its
Impact on Productivity

An in-depth report on Soft Skills and their crucial role in the
workplace in 2022

In this report, you will discover…

What are the top soft skills for business success and how you can use soft skills to improve teamwork, communication, as well as boost staff satisfaction and performance.

Learn more about the relationship between soft skills and hard skills and how they complement each other.

Lastly, how to identify an effective soft skills programme for your organisational needs and how to calculate efficiently the Return on Investment


of the employees we surveyed do not feel very confident in their skillset to give and receive criticism to their managers and subordinates

Upskillist, Survey, May 2022

The aim of this report

Chances are this report will resonate well with you if, you are in the Learning and Development industry or an HR practitioner simply because it covers the topic of Soft Skills training in detail and from multiple angles.

It is packed with data that is both sourced internally and externally and will provide you with valuable insight. After reading it, you will be equipped with the knowledge and tools to help your organisation grow by developing or improving your current employee training strategy.


of the employees we surveyed feel ill-equipped to manage conflicts in the workplace

Upskillist, Survey, May 2022

Learn more about learning programmes ROI

Soft skills training programmes can be delivered in a variety of methods.  As soft skills are not easily verifiable, it may be difficult to quantify the skill that is learned through a training programme, however, several steps can be taken to identify which training will be of benefit to your organisation. This report will show you how you can easily calculate ROI

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