The Ultimate Training Needs Analysis Playbook

Your Path to Soft Skills Training Success


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Access the tools and guidance needed to conduct a training needs analysis for soft skills gaps.

In this guide we’ll show you:

  • What makes soft skills training needs analysis different
  • How to prepare for training needs analysis
  • How to conduct a soft skills training needs assessment
  • How to plan gap correction training

If you are an L&D or HR professional, this playbook is
designed to help you.

Based on a recent survey, we discovered that though soft skills development is challenging, it is a priority for 51.4% of our L&D strategists, based on a recent survey, though this number is likely to increase. Inspired by this, with this guide, we aim to provide the tools and guidance needed to conduct a training needs analysis, to effectively identify soft skills gaps. In addition, we strive to provide solutions on how to close those gaps by considering appropriate learning methodologies.

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