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Cat Care

If you are interested in cats or feline welfare, you would enjoy this course where you learn about the A-Z of cats: why they are good for your health, interesting domestication, all-round care and common health/medical issues cat owners may encounter. This course will give you a complete background and know-how of your cats to be able to give your own felines the best lives possible.



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Diploma in Cat Care

1.Cats are good for your health

This lesson will focus on reasons why you would choose a cat as pet/companion. Many people with health issues (depression, anxiety, high blood pressure etc.), trauma (especially in children) and loneliness (especiallly elderly people) find companionship in animals extremely valuable. If you weren't sure what kind of pet or why cats, this will surely answer questions you may have and persuade you/confirm why cats are one of the most popular companion pets in the world.

2.Cat out of the bag

Why, where, when. A history lesson on the ancestors, evolution, domestication of cats from wild, free-roaming hunter to eating out of her human's hand.

3.The perfect companion

Choices: kitten or adult cat? One or two kittens/cats? Why would a kitten be better or why an adult cat; short introduction into breeds (tbc in Module 3); a pedigree/rescue cat suited to your personality/lifestyle.

4.Cat-proof your home

Getting your house ready for a kitten/cat; improving safety around your home (dangers to look out for); what your kitten will need (setting up a nursery)

5.KWelcome home, kitty

Transporting your feline; settling into a new and still unfamiliar home; creating her safe space to retreat, sleep and rest

6.Foster a good relationship

How to introduce the kitten/cat to family members - children, other cats, dogs; teach children how to respect, approach and handle cats (module 2 how to carry a cat) ; what cats teach children

7.Bless you: Cats and allergies

Learn the symptoms and causes of cat allergies in humans. Yes, it is possible to have a cat and be allergic - treatment options or hypoallergenic breeds to consider

8.6th sense and 9 lives

There are many mysteries, facts and fabels on cats. Let's dig a bit deeper into the word of cat secrets, cat heroes, animation cats and famous cats. If this doesn't leave you begging to know more about this acrobatic feline creatures, nothing will!

1.Caring for your kitten(s)

Appropriate guidelines to establishing healthy eating habits; guide to vaccinations, stimulation (entertainment/exercise) and sterilisation

2.Hand rearing kittens

How to hand rear (feed/take care of) a young kitten without a mother. Introduction to solid food.

3.Queens having kittens

Heat cycle, mating, pregnancy, nesting, birth, newborns, post-birth care

4.The importance of sterilisation

The female cycle, the international problem of overpopulation and ferals, the effect on wildlife and overpopulated welfare organisations, cruelty towards animals because of ignorance. The process of sterilization will hopefully encourage people to sterilize early.

5.Good nutrition

Establishing good eating habits will assist in better long-term health for your cat and it is easy to establish and maintain. Good quality food, formulated for carnivores will give your cat proper nutrition and special formulas can assist in health issues such as obesity, skin issues, kidney or other chronic illnessess (in Module 3 we will look into treats/human food/food poisonous to cats.

6.Feline fun

The necessity of entertainment, exercise and bonding time with their human. Have an eye for safe and amusing toys; the importance of at least one durable scratchpost; lookout posts/walkways/other methods of entertainment and stimulation. The necessity of bonding with your cat and building a relationship. We also look at the way in which to carry your cat.

7.Indoor cats

Decision time: will your cat be an indoor only cat? Reasons why you should consider with pro's and con's. Balance is a bit of both - let's look at the pro's and con's of cats having access to the outdoors.

8.Outdoor kitty

The pro's and con's of having a cat with access to the outdoors; the ideal medium - best of both worlds.