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In this course you will learn the skills and have the confidence to run a successful crystal healing practice. This course is suited to someone who has no previous experience of crystal healing and those who may have some knowledge to the intermediate level. After completing this course you will be able to provide crystal healing sessions that cover a vast array of avenues, including but by no means limited to chakra balancing, aura cleansing and overcoming emotional trauma, disappointment and hurt. 



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Diploma in Crystal Healing

1.Foundation Work

Lesson 1 of your Professional Diploma in Crystal Healing introduces you to how crystal healing works, the benefits of crystal healing, as well as how crystals are formed, their structures and the various elements that impact and influence crystal work. At the end of this lesson, you will be able to release, invoke and anchor yourself, and you will know how to set intentions, finishing off with a water alchemy exercise.


Lesson 2 explores the seven main chakras, related organs and possible symptoms of misaligned chakras. You will also learn about the seven layers of the aura. This lesson will end with a guided meditation to connect your chakras and aura.

3.Your Own Crystals

Lesson 3 of the crystal healing course focuses on selecting your own crystals, the significance of certain shapes and those best suited for use during crystal healing sessions. This lesson also concentrates on the steps recommended for cleansing and programming your crystals once purchased and which trusted incense choices you can include in this process. The lesson ends with steps on how to quickly and effectively balance your chakras and protect your aura.

4.Let's Talk About Love

Universal love is the name of the game in lesson 4. Both the positive sides of love and the contradictions to it, the dark side within your psyche withholding you from experiencing its full benefits, are explored in this lesson. This ties in with being overwhelmed by a certain crystal’s energy. This lesson also covers the first of 35 crystals in this course — Rose Quartz, the crystal of divine love.

5.Unlimited Potential

Lesson 5 centers around the concept of your birthright unlimited potential. The crystal covered in this lesson is clear quartz, a stone which can be programmed to emit any energy you would like to work with. This lesson focuses on ways of storing your crystals, you are guided in running a crystal healing using clear quartz only, and manifestation practices that continue to benefit your life in positive ways.

6.Balancing Energy

Lesson 6 ties together a lot of the information you learned in previous lessons. You will learn how to manipulate your personal energy through the use of crystals and conscious breathing. It is important to understand how to energetically link to another person’s energy in a safe way, in accordance with the universal laws. This crystal healing class teaches valuable and safe techniques.

7.Welcoming Clients

Lesson 7 walks you step by step through energetic space cleansing by laying down a salt grid, followed by your incense burning knowledge from previous lessons. This is especially useful for when you set your practice up in a new space and recommended weekly energy cleansing. You will learn how to create a sacred space, through which positive universal energy can flow. This is often called a temple or sacred space. Alternatives to using a massage bed for your sessions will be discussed along with other ways of ensuring a positive flow throughout your space, such as Tibetan singing bowls, Himalayan rock salt lamps and water fountains.

8.First Session!

This final lesson in Module 1 ties together all the information provided throughout the previous seven lessons and rounds off with valuable complementary teaching. You will learn about the importance of maintaining a fair energy exchange and certain parts of the body that may become physically sensitive during crystal healing sessions. A mountain-to-scale for many new practitioners who do not receive sufficient guidance is addressing the issue of skin exposure during sessions. You learn more about crystal grids and how to bring them into client sessions. The lesson ends with the importance of the name you choose for your practice and shares with you how the course educator came about naming his.

1.Psychic Ability

As you work with crystals more and more, your natural psychic abilities will begin to develop. Before dedicating each of the next lessons to one of the seven main chakras, this lesson focuses on some of the ways in which your personal psychic ability may unfold. Sometimes we miss our psychic connection by believing it needs to operate in a certain way. This class on crystal healing helps you come to terms with your unique connection to the universe.

2.Grounding - Root Chakra

This lesson focuses on the root charka, also referred to as the base chakra or first chakra. The importance of grounding is emphasised. You will learn how fear and anxiety block the root chakra as well as how to release the limiting effects of these trapped emotions. Crystals covered in this lesson are Red Jasper, Lava and Smokey Quartz.

3.Emotions - Sacral Chakra

In this lesson, the focus is on the Sacral chakra, also referred to as the second chakra. It focuses on self-expression, emotional wellbeing, intimacy and sensitivity, which also branches into avenues about attracting better health, wealth and overall abundance. Crystals covered in this lesson are Carnelian and Tiger’s Eye.

4.Personal Power - Solar Plexus

This lesson is all about powerful transformation. It focuses on the Solar Plexus, also referred to as the third chakra. Personal power along with unique/personal expression of the real you form the foundation for this lesson. Learn the difference between natural and heat-treated Citrine (the crystal attracting prosperity), along with a very special crystal named Ametrine.

5.Love - Heart Chakra

Love, inner child healing and self-acceptance form the core of this lesson, in which the Heart chakra, also referred to as the fourth chakra, is explored. You will learn about the effects of family pathology affecting your life in undesirable ways and how to overcome it. In module 1 of the crystal healing course, when we covered the seven main chakras, you learned that the colour associated to the Heart chakra is green. There is also a secondary pink colour, which is covered in this lesson. The crystal focus is Bloodstone A.K.A. Heliotrope, Green Aventurine, and take a much closer look at incredible Rose Quartz.

6.Communication - Throat Chakra

Communication, confidence and the relationship you maintain with yourself are the focus of this lesson, which covers the Throat chakra, also referred to as the fifth chakra. A lot of people are held back from living their greatest life potential due to a blocked throat chakra. Crystals covered in this lesson are Blue Lace Agate, Blue Turquoise and Aquamarine.

7.Inner Realms - Third Eye/Pineal Gland

The ever-mysterious Third Eye, or Pineal gland, has fascinated civilisations since the beginning of time. This sixth energy centre is your powerful link to psychic ability, unlocking and creating the life of your dreams, and for some, the ability to indulge in fascinating psychic endeavors, such as astral travelling and channeling. There are dangers to recklessly unlocking the Third Eye. The topic of decalcifying your Third Eye is discussed. Crystals covered in this lesson are Blue Kyanite and Fluorite.

8.Transcendence - Crown Chakra

This final module lesson of this crystal healing course teaches you about the Crown chakra, also known as the seventh chakra. It is your eternal connection to Source of All, the Divine, Creator, Quantum Field of All Knowing, whichever way you refer to that which cannot truly be named. Topics such as the akashic records and past life regression will be touched on. Crystals covered in this lesson are Howlite, Amethyst, and deeper knowledge of Clear Quartz is explored.

1.Advanced Crystal Healing Techniques

This lesson explores some universal laws you need to be familiar with to successfully practice as a crystal healer. You will learn incredible aura sensing and seeing techniques, you will practice seeing auras on plants, trees, animals and humans, as well as sending love energy to others. This lesson discusses laying a second layer of crystals on clients during practice, the difference between boji stones and moqui marbles and locking in energy during a session once you attained the energetic balance. Crystals covered are Ametrine and Peridot.

2.Taking Care of Yourself

Taking care of your personal energy is paramount to your ongoing success as a crystal healer. This lesson focuses on safety precautions, legalities and the signing of disclaimers by your clients. Some energy cleansing techniques for yourself are discussed, which you, in turn, can share with your clients and gain their greatest respect. This lesson teaches you about taking salt, herbal and crystal baths, along with how to combine them all. If you have an interest in essential oils and aromatherapy, the part about bath bombs in this lesson with be of fascination to you.

3.Clearing Blockages

This lesson focuses strongly on removing negative energy blockages. Pain management via crystal healing is explored. You will learn about clients who become overwhelmed during sessions and how to proactively prepare for this. Known and suppressed trauma, the five stages of grieving, and healing and assisting patients who have terminal conditions such as HIV and cancer are discussed. You will also learn how you can assist clients through crystal healing before and after invasive surgery. This lesson discusses a term referred to as the dark night of the soul and explores inner child healing more. Crystals covered in this lesson are Hematite, Black Tourmaline and Labradorite. .

4.Earth and Star Chakras

After gaining a clear grasp of the seven main chakras, you will gain exceptionally from learning about your Earth star chakra and Soul star chakra. Working with these chakras could take all things incredible for you to a whole new level. A guided meditation will connection you with your Earth star and Soul star chakras, so you can experience their energy flow and be able to connect to these consciously. Crystals covered in this lesson are Black Obsidian, Lapis Lazuli, and the somewhat underrated yet truly powerful, Milky Quartz.

5.Distance Healing and Pendulum

Distance healing and pendulum work often place new and sometimes experienced practitioners more than just a bit on edge. That need not be the case any longer. Both the energetic and scientific operations behind the pendulum is discussed in this lesson, along with different pendulum choices and techniques, which includes the use of a regular dice. Distance healing is powerful in ways that humanity is only beginning to understand now. When you pray for someone and they experience good luck as a result, you already dabbed into distance healing. A chart for pendulum work is provided in your toolkit. You will learn about dowsing and what exactly this practice is for receiving clear universal guidance. A deeper look at Labradorite is taken in this lesson.

6.Make Their Soul Smile

In this lesson, you will learn about using wands and the wonderful possibilities of crystal rollers. Your clients will love you for this. They will also highly appreciate the beautiful effects of Selenite face mapping. This lesson looks at the five love languages, for those clients coming to you who are experiencing challenges in the romantic avenues of their lives. This lesson teaches an easy abundance manifestation technique by keeping crystals next to your bed as you sleep. As a crystal healing practitioner this provides you with the opportunity to generate more income. Crystals discussed in this lesson are Selenite and Desert Rose.

7.Valuable Extras

Crystals are from the Earth. The stronger your bond to the Earth, the stronger your connection will flow with the crystals. In this lesson we look energy vortexes of Earth, much like the main chakras within the human body. A guided meditation helps you connect with these. You get guidance on incorporating crystal healing into the plant and animal kingdom. You will learn what people refer to when they speak about the Earth Devas. Crystals covered in this lesson are Fairy Quartz, Spirit Quartz, Angel Quartz and Rainbow Quartz.

8.Angel Healing

Angel healing crosses the path of majority energetic healers. The focus of this lesson is by no means dogmatic (which includes religion) in any way. It focuses on the angelic realm, the eternal loving energy that is always available to assist in all avenues of life. You will learn about the seven different kinds of angels and learn about Six Archangels, which is knowledge that always comes in valuably in sessions.


Abundance is the focus of this lesson. You will learn about how your life actions directly and indirectly correlate to the client’s ongoing success after crystal healing sessions. The fear of success is addressed as is the importance of a flip in mindset. You will learn how quartz is formed and that gold can be found around and within clear quartz. Crystals covered in this lesson are Amber, Pyrite, Malachite and Gold ritulated quartz.

2.Trusting Your Intuition

Trusting your intuition is the focus of this lesson. You will learn about channeling and following your gut whilst placing on of stones. The importance of having a set future goal is discussed and dot journaling is taught to you, which you may find highly valuable in achieving your personal goals. It is a beautiful technique to share with your clients. This will really contribute to their personal growth journey. Alignment guided meditation is provided. Crystals covered in this lesson are Moldavite and Shungite.

3.Energy Water

In this lesson, you are taught how to make moon water as well as crystal elixir, which is water charged with crystal energy. For those very into bringing the energy of the moon into their crystal making, which does take your crystal elixirs to a whole new level, a brief and helpful explanations will be provided on what is referred to in the practice of astrology as the 28 mansions of the moon.

4.Balance and Centre

Balancing and centering are discussed more in this lesson. Helpful breathing techniques is shared to naturally amplify and balance your energy as well as calm you down whenever you become overwhelmed within the moment. The thymus gland and higher heart chakras are introduced. A guided meditation connects you to your thymus gland. Crystal discussed in this lesson is Agate, which also serves as a recap on everything learned so far regarding chakras and colour association.

5.Crystal Grids

This lesson is all about crystal grids. Creating grids for clients as a service is discussed. This could become a fantastic way to make an additional income from your services by providing an incredible energy enhancing service apart from crystal healing sessions.

6.Metals, Colours, Candle Magick

The difference between magic and magick is investigated. Candle magick and colour significance in practicing this is discussed. You will learn how to incorporate metals copper, brass, silver and gold into your practice, if you want. This is especially helpful guidance if you opt to either stock crystal jewelry or begin creating it yourself. You learn about Earth chakras and a guided meditation lets you connect with these.

7.Crystal Vision Board

Take creating a vision board to a whole new level! By adding specific crystals to your vision board, you unlock your full manifestation ability. This is an incredible service to also offer as a workshop and it gives a recap of the crystals that were covered in this course. At this point, a handy cheat sheet will also be provided in your toolkit. This you can print out and keep and keep as a handy tool to assist you in buying crystals, recapping and in preparing for your crystal healing sessions.

8.Crystal Oracle Readings

Crystal oracle readings is a fantastic extra to add to your practice, if you are into divination services, such as Tarot, oracle cards, runes, astrology, numerology, I Ching, etc. You learn what a lexicon is. More details of the pentagram are provided and a printable version is provided for your practice.