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Diploma in Sales

1.What makes a good sales person?

This lesson will introduce you to a brief history of sales, with examples of different types of salespeople and a deeper dive into what makes a good salesperson. You will learn fundamental soft skills, as well as gain an introduction to the psychology of selling. This lesson will also look at the typical hard skills, such as prospecting, cold calling and networking, and why they are key for selling.

2.The Role of Sales

This lesson focuses on the important role of sales within a business or organisation. You will learn about the different types of business models, sales success stories and a few failed launches, but also why failure is an option and how you can learn from them. At the end of this lesson, you will understand typical business models and why sales are a key element to any business’s success. You will also understand typical activities of a salesperson, where to build alliances and how to find a mentor.

3.Become the Hero of Your Own Story

Understanding your products and your customers is key to the success of sales, even more so is identifying your personal brand. The brand of “you”, thrown together with positive thinking and determination, could lead you to becoming a sales superstar! At the end of the lesson, you will understand why great salespeople make great entrepreneurs, and how to build on your product knowledge, personal branding and business acumen.

4.Hitting the (Bench)mark

In this lesson, you will learn about the value of doing competitor analysis, why you should keep an eye on your competitors and how to assess their strengths versus your own. Lesson 4 will also look at why keeping up-to-date with industry trends is very important and provide some tips and tricks on how to analyse industry trends. At the end of this lesson, you will be able to conduct a thorough competitor analysis and identify industry trends that get you “ahead of the rest”.

5.Bring Your KPI to the NBTO

This lesson will teach you about sales terminology and a whole range of other business acronyms. You will also learn about the sales cycle, various sales methodologies and how to use certain steps in the process to your advantage.

6.Understanding Your Target Audience

In this lesson, you will explore how to identify your target audience and segment prospects into general buyer personas. You will also learn how to drive lead acquisition, qualify leads that fit the buyer persona, and your ideal customer profile. At the end of this lesson, you will be able to develop buyer personas, targeted research and qualify leads according to your ideal customer profile.

7.The Numbers Game

Learn what pipeline management is, why it’s important and what a good pipeline will consist of. In this lesson, you will also learn about conversion rates, why it’s important and how to measure your own conversion rate for continuous improvement. Learn how to set realistic expectations around your pipeline, between you, your team and your manager. At the end of this lesson you will be able to implement pipeline management techniques, set and manage expectations around them, and understand your success rate.

8.One day I want to...

This lesson will introduce you to the SWOT analysis methodology and how to identify your own strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. You will learn about personal and professional goal-setting, for short and long-term career planning. At the end of this lesson, you will be able to conduct a high-level SWOT analysis, and be able to strategically set both personal and professional goals for career development.

9.Be a Closer

In this lesson, you will learn what a typical buying cycle looks like, how to track where your customer is in their buying cycle and assess any potential objections. You will also learn how to effectively handle those objections to instill confidence in your customer and the deal. You will also dive into the techniques behind delivering a powerful presentation and aiming to get the verbal commitment after presenting. At the end of this lesson, you will learn how to effectively present your solution or product, handle objections, negotiate and close.

10.Busting Myths

This lesson will expand on some of the concepts that you’ve learnt throughout the module, examining hard and soft skills to master, the psychological aspects to selling, the importance of sales to any business, creating a positive sales environment as well as some not-so-obvious tips to finding good leads.

1.The Psychology of Sales: Asking Questions and Building Rapport

In this lesson, you will look at and learn about the various levels of rapport and pacing before leading. You will also discover why sales should never be about manipulation, but about taking a genuine and sincere interest in your customer.

2.Sales in the 21st Century

Customers have changed which means that your approach also needs to change. In this lesson, you will look at what exactly has changed the sales environment, before learning about social prospecting, social selling and other new techniques to help you connect with the customer of today.

3.It's Sales o'clock

Lesson 3 looks at what sales-centric technologies are available today and the ways by which you can better manage your time and productivity.

4.One-Hit Wonder vs Sales Superstar

The most effective salespeople are consistent salespeople. This lesson is all about ensuring you have a "good mix" of prospects and small quick wins through to long-term larger wins. Learn more about pipeline management, and how it impacts other aspects such as forecasting and conversion.

5.Building Alliances

Discover how to align with both internal influencers and prospective influencers and decision makers while working with fellow sales teams to strengthen your approach and build credibility with colleagues and customers.

6.Understanding Your Customer and Their Journey

Lesson 6 is all about understanding customer personas, their buying journey and where you could find common ground to create a connection.

7.Become a Meeting Pro

Meeting etiquette, setting agendas and expectations, asking all the right questions, and working towards pre-defined outcomes/goals for every meeting. This lesson covers all aspects of running successful and professional meetings with your internal teams, as well as with prospects and customers.

8.Crafting the Perfect Pitch

Learn how to sell the value, address the needs of your prospect and tell a story to help prospects visualise the future.

1.Become Your Prospect's "Go-to"

Lesson 1 of the advanced module looks at how to become the "go to" for your customer. It will cover strategic rapport and credibility building techniques.

2.Nurturing the Customer's Journey

In this lesson, you will cover the customer journey roadmap and how this ties into overall customer experience from the start of the sales cycle. Dive into how to better nurture leads.

3.The Psychology of Sales: Perception vs. Reality

This lesson looks into the psychology of the salesperson and how you can mirror your customer and learn persuasion techniques.

4.Confidence is King — And So is Self Improvement

Learn how to upskill, motivate yourself continuously and build new confidence through the "small wins".

5.Presenting to the C-Suites

Learn how to read body language and pick up on cues, what to push and what not to push with a team of C-Suites. Be prepared for any objections!

6.Becoming a Change Catalyst

Lesson 6 takes a deeper dive into two of the more strategic selling approaches and how to become a "thought leader" in your industry.

7.Write It Up!

Discover tips on how to write fantastic emails, documents and proposals. Take a deeper dive into what should be in a proposal.

8.Work Smarter Before You Work Harder

Learn how to up-sell/cross/sell, shorten sales cycles and obtain referrals in the advanced module finale.

1.Mastering the Experience

In this lesson, take a deep-dive into one of the world's fastest growing focal points — customer experience, look at why it is important and what it entails.

2.Digital Transformation, Industry 4.0: The State of Business Today

What do the past, current and future states of sales look like? In this lesson, you will cover aspects of Industry 4.0 that should be considered when planning your sales strategy.

3.Selling Globally

Learn how to sell into new cultures, sell to multiple stakeholders and how to approach a new market.

4.Using Data to Improve Your Sales

This lesson explains what data you should be looking for and how to use the power of data to increase sales/success.

5.Enhancing Customer Centricity in a Digital Era

Take a deeper dive into digital and social selling to meet the needs of the modern customer

6.Strategic Selling and Closing

In this lesson, you will learn all about advanced lead acquisition and qualification, advanced pipeline management, as well as how to prepare for the biggest pitch of your life!

7.Introduction to Sales Partnerships

Learn what types of sales partnerships are out there, what needs to be in place and why they are worth considering.

8.Introduction to Sales Leadership and Sales Enablement

If pursued/chosen, the natural career progression for a successful salesperson is sales leadership/management. This final lesson will introduce you to what the life of a sales manager through to a VP of Sales looks like, as well as the skills you need to master before getting there.