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Smartphone Photography

Smartphones are the most popular way to capture the world around you. Everyday we take millions of photos that we share and cherish. But do you really know what your Smartphone camera is capable of? This course will make you an expert in photography using your smartphone and help you capture professional quality photos that you can be proud of.



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Diploma in Smartphone Photography

1.The World of Smartphone Photography

We all use our smartphone for photographing different things. In this lesson we are going to talk about some popular styles of photography so we can think about what photographs you like to capture, this will help you develop and enhance your own style. We will explore the features on your smartphone and learn how to set it up to get the best possible images at the highest quality.

2.Lenses and Accessories

Smartphone cameras, like all cameras give us a view of the world which is very different to how we see with our eyes. In this lesson, we are going to look at how we can gain control of that view. We will talk about the difference between digital and optical zooming, and different lens attachments. We will also discuss how light forms the images that we capture with our smartphones.


In this lesson we will develop the creative side of our smartphone photography by exploring composition. We will expand our creative potential by mastering compositional techniques, such as rule of thirds, leading lines and angle of view. Developing strong compositional skills will increase the impact of your photographs and draw the viewer into the picture.

4.Motion & Depth

Motion and Depth are essential to expanding the creative potential of your photography. Controlling and manipulating motion and depth in your images will allow you to add drama and sophistication to your images. Whether you want to freeze an athlete in action or blur the flow of a waterfall, controlling motion will expand your capabilities and allow you to explore new subjects.

5.Landscape Photography

Learn how to improve your landscape photography by using different metering modes and ND filters, and the best times to get out there and shoot!

6.Portrait Photography

Portraits make for great photos but are challenging at the best of times. Even more difficult is taking good photos of ourselves! Find out how to get your best side every time and take stunning portraits of your friends and family in this lesson.

7.Lowlight and Night time

After dark the world lights up! But our phones can struggle to capture photos. However you would be surprised at what your phone is capable of at night! Learn how to capture light trails, light painting and even star trails with your phone in this lesson.

8.Apps and Editing basics

Today there is nearly as much interest in editing and enhancing pictures as there is in taking photos. In this lesson we are going to explore creative enhancements with some mobile photo editing apps. Mastering these skills will transform your images and give them an impressive edge.


The management and leadership of teams are essential to the success of any organisation. Managers and leaders need the skills to lead any team with confidence and strategy. This lesson provides tools required to better approach team management and explores delegation and team management tools.

2.Black and White

Taking control of their coaching skills is vitally important for managers and leaders. To be an effective coach, the necessary skills must be developed and practised. This lesson gives insight into coaching, coaching skills, and how to prepare as a coach.

3.Nature and Wildlife

This lesson explores the concept of emotional intelligence - exploring the difference between EQ and IQ, EQ tools and the use of persuasion. This lesson is fundamentally important for managers and leaders - one that should probably be shared with teams.

4.Street and Travel

This lesson deals with conflict management, terms and approaches. It starts with the importance of conflict management, explores how to negotiate in conflict situations and how to be assertive. The lesson aims to assist new managers and leaders in understanding these concepts and help experienced managers and leaders refine their skills and approaches.

5.Studio Part One

Learning and development is not just a task for the human resources department of an organisation. Companies and employees need managers and leaders to invest in training and development, which means that leaders and managers must understand their importance and how to approach different tasks. This lesson explores building a learning culture and learning and development fundamentals.

6.Studio Part Two

This lesson explores the importance of vision, values, and purpose. It further looks at strategic alignment and how to use a company vision to build long-term purpose.

7.Lightroom and Photoshop Apps

Culture management impacts so many aspects of an organisation: the employees it attracts, the performance of employees and ultimately, its profits. Managers and leaders need to get involved in this aspect as early as possible. This lesson explores organisational culture, barriers to change and the role of the manager and/or leader.

8.Starting a Business

Organisations often fall short in the area of employee engagement - an aspect of team management that requires attention and involvement from the manager/leader. This lesson explores several aspects related to employee engagement and provides tools to get started.

1.Module summary coming soon!

1.Module summary coming soon!