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Diploma in Sound Engineering

1.And Then There Was Sound: The History of Sound Recording

Learn about the history of sound recording, processing, reproduction and the influence of the technology on our current applications.

2.The Wonderful World of Sound

Get an overview of what a digital audio workstation (DAW) is, how to operate it and the fundamental principles of sound.

3.What do all the numbers mean?

An introduction to reading meters, time and tempo in DAWs.

4.Music Theory for Sound Engineers and Producers Part A

An introduction to pitch, timbre, musical notes, how to build chords, midi and velocity.

5.Real vs Digital Acoustics

Learn about sound propagation and the addition of spatial elements in a recording.

6.Microphones: The Secret to Beautiful Recordings

An introduction to the mechanics of microphone design and function, noise levels, polarity, and how to record a voice.

7.Clean it up!

Signal to noise ratios, remove unwanted noise and learn to read and reduce noise profiles in Audacity.

8.Feel the Pressure

An introduction to dynamic control through applying basic compression techniques.

1.Get it Right Every Time

Learn about intermediate composing, arrangement and mixing, and apply all skills from the previous lessons in module one.

2.Psychoacoustics: Say What?!

Learn how the human ear works, the aural properties of different frequency bands and the influence on our perception of sound, mixing and microphone placement.

3.Music Theory for Sound Engineers and Producers Part B

Learn how to use maj/min 7th chords and accompanying basslines.

4.I Got Rhythm

Learn how to grasp an understanding of rhythmic elements in music and how to use rhythm to highlight an emotive element.

5.Beat it!

Apply intermediate musical principles to compose an eight bar sequence of music.

6.How low can you go?

Learn the influence of bass on a mix, how to control the dynamics of kick and bass and how to balance the low-end in a mix. .


Learn and revise best industry practices regarding workflow, arrangement and mixing.

8.Polish Your Track

Learn the use and application of time-based processing.

1.Advanced Acoustics: Improve Your Studio

Learn the fundamentals of sound proofing and improving room acoustics and design a professional studio.

2.Microphone Pairs and Placements

Gain an understanding of microphone pairs and its applications in this lesson.

3.Fix it in the Mix

Manipulate transients, pitch and timbre to improve time and pitch properties of recordings.

4.Hit it!

Learn best practices for microphone placement to record loud sounds like drums, saxophone and other impacts.

5.Music Theory for Sound Engineers and Producers Part C

Learn the importance of voice leading, counter melody lines and when to use it.

6.Audio Burgers: Stacking Layers

Understand matching different timbres and instruments to achieve aesthetic compositional goals.

7.The Movies Aren't Real! Part A

An introduction into recording dialogue and dialogue replacement for film.

8.The Movies Aren't Real! Part B

Learn how, when and where to add sound effects to video, and how to make your own.

1.Sound is Everywhere

An introduction to surround panning and mixing.

2.Advanced Music Theory and Composition

Learn advanced musical nuances and techniques to emphasise emotive music.

3.Understanding Loudness

Differentiate between true peak, rms, integrated and momentary loudness.

4.Introduction to Mastering

Understand the differences in approach when mixing compared to mastering.

5.Balancing the Mix: EQ

Learn how to apply equalisation in mastering.

6.Learn to Listen: Compression

Learn how to apply compression in mastering and achieve a target integrated loudness.

7.Put a Cap On it: Limiting

Learn how to apply limiting to achieve a target integrated loudness and deliver your promo video in its final format.

8.Mastering Insights

A deep look at noise profiles created by different software limiters, formats and compression techniques used by audio engineers and streaming services.