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Video Production

Video production at its heart is all about telling stories. You might be a vlogger, a copywriter, a content creator or film maker or someone who just enjoys capturing footage but fundamentally your are trying to tell a story through the medium of video. This course will teach you everything you need to know – from capturing footage, different equipment you will need, how to capture sound correctly and finally how to piece everything together in post production. Become the film maker you have always wanted to be with this course.



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Diploma in Video Production

1.Getting Started with Video

Learn all about video equipment and how to get rolling. This video editing class will also give you the most important rules and tips to follow when capturing any type of footage.

2.How Video Works

How is footage actually captured? What FPS should you be using? And what resolution? Find out all about these topics in this lesson.


Lenses are your view of the world through your camera. Selecting the correct one will help you capture amazing footage. Learn all about them in this video editing and production class.

4.Composition and Movement

Composition is all about the placement of your subjects within the frame to engage the viewer. Adding in movement will help to tell your stories. Understanding both will help you to up your creative abilities.


Colour is a communicator. Using it correctly will help the viewer understand your message. It is a part of storytelling in the visual medium. Discover how it can help you in this lesson.

6.Motion and Depth

How we capture motion in video can change how we want the scene to feel. It can add more action or slow things down. Depth of field will guide the viewers attention where you want it. Learn how to use both these key elements to filmmaking in this video editing and production.

7.ISO and Lowlight Shooting

Capturing footage indoors or at night is challenging for any filmmaker at any level. ISO will help the camera to 'see' in the dark but is not without its own challenges. Master it in this lesson.

8.The Importance of Sound

It cannot be understated how important sound is to any video. Capturing vocals, adding music or effects, all add to the viewers experience. Getting it right at the time of filming will save a lot of heartache later on!

9.Creating a Narrative

With your technical and creative skills you can now start capturing footage and telling your story. No matter what type of filming you want to do, fundamentally, you are trying to tell a story and create a narrative. Learn how to plan and prep for successful projects.

10.Putting It All Together

With all of that work now done, it's time to start putting everything together. Discover the art of editing in this video editing class and the programs that the pros use to create your favourite movies.

1.Content Creation
2.Writing a screenplay
3.Roles on set
4.Settings: Locations and sets
5.Filming an interview
6.Filming an advertisement
7.Working with actors

1.Advanced exposure
2.Advanced Composition, Movement and Shots
3.Advanced sound
5.Multiple camera set ups
6.Shooting a short film
7.Making a music video
8.Making a documentary

1.Module summary coming soon!