What kind of a leader are you?

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What kind of a leader are you?

This course provides an introduction to leadership skills and competencies in the workplace. By defining leadership and determining what type of leader you are, you will get a better understanding of why leadership makes a difference in individuals, teams and an organisation.

Key Learning Objectives:

  • Defining leadership and the importance of leadership in a workplace
  • Understanding the different types of leadership
  • Gain a better understanding of different personalities in the workplace
  • Compare the different generations in the workplace and understand how to lead with diversity
  • Master effective team building skills

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What kind of a leader are you?

1.What kind of leader are you?

In the first lesson of this course, we explore the 3 main leadership styles in order for you to get a better understanding of what kind of leader you are. This will form the basis for the rest of the course, as you can then put the skills you learn to practice with your leadership style in mind

2.What is leadership?

Leaders are some of the most important roles that you will find in any company. Without leaders, companies will lack structure, planning, vision, and motivation. In this lesson, we get a better understanding of what leadership is, and identify the key differences between leaders and managers.

3.Why leadership makes a difference

This lesson explores the reasons why effective leadership makes a difference to an organisation. It includes the key dimensions of leadership and the approaches to focus on to become successful leaders.

4.Team leadership

Whilst team building events usually provide opportunities for social interaction between co-workers, they often miss the mark when meeting other organisational objectives. This lesson looks at planning and hosting effective team building events that will provide a greater return on investment for an organisation.

5.Workplace personalities

This lesson dives into the different management and leadership techniques needed to manage extroverts and introverts. It defines the common workplace personalities, and the different approaches a leader can take to lead the different personalities.

6.Leadership competencies

This lesson focuses on understanding the difference between skills and competencies. It further dives into key competencies required from managers and leaders and investigates the best practices for using and developing these competencies.

7.Leading a multi-generational workplace

A multigenerational workforce allows for new ideas from various perspectives. In this lesson, we will identify the different generations, and understand the challenges leaders face in today's multi-generational workplace.

8.Leadership diversity

The last lesson of this course looks at the concept of diversity and how it can be managed effectively. It further explores the challenges managers and leaders face when managing diversity.