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Online Yoga Course

Empower your teams to live healthier and more productive lives, becoming physically healthy and more mindful with our course in yoga. Use this course as a team building exercise for those interested in yoga, get a group of colleagues together and arrange yoga sessions before or after work to destress, add a mindfulness session to the daily routine and lead healthier, happier lives while connecting individual team members with similar interests.

Key Learning Objectives:
  • Master beginner to advanced Yoga poses
  • Understand the history of Yoga and how it has evolved over time
  • Individualise your Yoga practice for your own body
  • Hone your meditation and breath work skills
  • Take your practice to the next level with inversions
Online Yoga Course
Ideal for:
All employees at all levels.
Course outcome:
Provide individuals with a detailed understanding of yoga practice.
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Course accreditation:​
Upon completion of this leadership training course your employee will receive an accredited certificate assessed by global academic partner, the CPD Certification Service.

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Diploma in Yoga

1.Introduction & Basic Asana

Starting with the building blocks of this incredible practice we'll move through some basic postures and a warm up sequence that will get you into your body and out of your head.

2.Types of Yoga

In which we discuss types of modern postural Yoga; from the traditional - Ashtanga and Hatha - to the not so traditional - goat Yoga and Yoga raves!

3.History of Yoga

We take a journey from the first mention of "Yoga" in the Indus Valley all the way through to modern India. Learn about the social and religious roots of Yoga as we know it today.

4.Basics of Movement

In this lesson we cover the basics of movement - anatomical planes, types of movement, ranges of motion and alignment - which will provide you with a solid basis to enjoy a safe and fruitful Yoga practice.

5.Main Systems of the Body

In this lesson we identify and discuss the main bodily systems, their functions and the ways they may be influenced by Yoga and vice versa.


Pranayama is one of the main tenets of the Yoga practice. In this lesson we learn of the myriad benefits to breathwork and explore some variations that you can use to excite or calm the body.

7.Storytelling - Hindu Pantheon

Yoga has a strong storytelling component - in this lesson we delve into the myths of the Hindu deities and see the way these stories are weaved into Yoga postures.

8.Meditation and Mindfulness

Calm your mind and turn your attention inwards as we discuss meditation in its various forms and the ways in which we can be more mindful in our everyday lives.

1.Basic + Asana

Building on the skills and strength of Module 1 we progress our Yoga fitness as we explore variations of basic asana and start to challenge our bodies more.

2.Props, Modifications and Binds

This lesson aims to make Yoga accessible to as many people as possible through the use of physical aids and modification. Yoga is not for the flexible - it is for the willing!

3.Overview of Common Injuries

An overview of many common injuries that students may have experienced and the ways in which we can protect our bodies.

4.Bandhas, Mudras and Drishtis

We delve deeply into the physical and energetic aspects of the Bandhas in the body - Jalandhara Bhanda, Uddiyana Bandha and Muladardhara Bandha - as well as Drishtis (points of focus) and mudras and the ways in which they assist in creating a powerful and safe Yoga practice.

5.The Basics of Ayurveda

An overview of this ancient system of medicine as we discuss the Gunas (tendencies of personality), Doshas (metabolic types) and Koshas (energy sheaths) and how these concepts may be used in an integrative health practice.

6.The Yoga Sutras - 8 limbs of Yoga

In this lesson we investigate and analyse the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali - the first codified works on Yoga. We explore the 8 limbs of Yoga and the teachings we may be able to apply these principles to our lives

7.Skeletal System & Joints

An understanding of the skeletal system and joints is integral to a safe Yoga practice. In this lesson we gain a deeper understanding and awareness of our bodies

8.Creating Your Own Yoga Practice

In this lesson we assimilate our Yoga experiences up to this point, using all postures, knowledge of injuries and props or modifications to create a Yoga practice that is unique to your needs.

1.Intermediate Asana

We move towards more challenging asana as we start to explore some arm balances and some more challenging standing balances

2.The Nervous System

A lesson aimed at understanding the underlying systems which integrate and monitor countless processes in the human body.

3.Yoga for limited mobility

A detailed look at Yoga for populations with diverse needs, decreased mobility and special considerations: senior citizens, pregnancy and obesity. We gain a deeper understanding of ways in which Yoga can improve health in general.

4.Yoga and Mental Health

In this lesson we review the concepts of depression and anxiety and the ways in which Yoga may assist in the symptoms thereof. We will take a look at breath regulation and practices (pranayama) as well as physical practices (Yin vs Yang) and their respective benefits

5.Storytelling: Mahabharatha and Bhagavad Gita

We recount some of stories from the epics! From the Mahabharata - named the longest poem ever written - we explore the Bhagavad Gita and how these stories may be applicable to our lives now

6.Yoga and Mental Health

In this lesson we review the concepts of depression and anxiety and the ways in which Yoga may assist in the symptoms thereof. We will take a look at breath regulation and practices (pranayama) as well as physical practices (Yin vs Yang) and their respective benefits

7.Chinese 5 Element theory & Buddhism

Both of these philosophies offer vastly different, but equally valuable, information on Yogic approaches to the body. We explore spiritual and religious teachings to broaden our minds.

8.Cultivating a Beautiful Mind

In this lesson we investigate the Vikshepas (disturbances on the path to concentration) and the ways in which we may quiet the chaos of the mind through meditation and mindfulness

1.Advanced Asana

Our final asana based lesson where we incorporate all our knowledge of postures and binds to create some beautiful and challenging shapes.

2.Muscular System

In which we explore this fascinating system of the body and take a deeper look into what allows us to move and how we can support our bodies, and practice, even more

3.Yoga as Physical Therapy

A deep dive into the ways in which a Yoga practice may assist in correcting posture and alleviating the effects of shoulder, knee, or spine issues.

4.Debunking Yoga Myths

In this lesson we take time to unpack some commonly held Yoga "myths" and investigate the true roots of concepts such as Chakras and Tibetan singing bowls.

5.The Yoga Sutras- Part 2

We recap our knowledge from module 2 and explore ways we can grow in our knowledge of Yoga and break patterns of previous behaviour which may be holding us back.

6.Integrative Nutrition

Everybody is different! In this lesson we explore some of the basic concepts of nutrition and nutritional guidelines and which aspects may serve you in your life.

7.The Business of Yoga

We investigate the ways in which Yoga could lead to a career and explore Yoga as an industry.

8.Arm balances and Inversions

Who doesn't want to fly? In this lesson we take our Yoga practice to the next level with inversions. Learn techniques to help you safely get airborne.