How strong is your company's learning culture?

Take the Upskillist Company Learning Culture Assessment to find out

A company’s ability to excel and retain the right people as a business is often subject to the strength of the learning culture. Evaluate your company’s learning culture with this simple 10-question assessment and take the first steps toward optimising your approach to learning. It only takes 2 minutes!

Why you should care about your company’s learning culture?

  • Learning and Development is more than just a bureaucratic personnel function.
  • With a proper understanding of your organisation’s current L&D needs and requirements, you can unleash the potential of your employees, improve staff retention rates and ultimately drive productivity.
  • Once you complete the assessment, you will receive your score and access to our free ebook: “How to develop a strong Company Learning Culture – A strategic guide”!

Evaluate your company’s current learning culture and use actionable insights to improve it.