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Top leadership tips for 2023

It is fair to say that the last few years have been the most challenging in recent memory, both on a global and personal level. Now is a time for regrouping and moving forward in a changed world and as a leader there will be more focus on you more than ever to lead the charge. Here are some tips to help guide you.

Assess your leadership style. 

You may have had a lot of time to reflect over the last few years, and now is a good time to think about what you want to change or what you want to incorporate into your leadership style. What are your strengths? Which areas need some improvement? What is it that you want to achieve this year?

Be a role model.

Being a leader is not going to be rewarding or effective if you are not someone that people respect and look up to. Lead by example as the old saying goes, still as true as ever. This means being passionate, enthusiastic, having an open mind and open ears and being able to admit when you are wrong. Simply be human! 

Be open with employees. 

Don’t make decisions in a bubble or set deadlines without explanation. You should give employees insight into why certain actions are in place and why targets need to be achieved. Keeping things from your employees only build mistrust and suspicion, which of course will impact productivity. 

Have a clear vision and communicate it to your team

“Know what your future looks like, feels like, and acts like. It has to be a compelling vision that gets your people excited and focused. Latch onto that picture as though it has already happened. Transport yourself into the future so you can see it with picture clarity. Share it with your team so they can see it and do what it takes to achieve it.”

Brian Scudamore, the Founder and CEO of 1-800-GOT-JUNK?WOW 1 DAY PAINTING and You Move Me

Practice what you preach

It may sound like a very simple rule, but surprisingly it’s not an easy one to follow. More often than they realise, there are discrepancies between what the management preaches and what they do. Such discrepancies might seem insignificant but could potentially affect the credibility of your leaders and management.

Make wellbeing a priority.

Concern for wellbeing in the workplace was a rising trend even before the pandemic, and it is arguably even more crucial as people around the world grapple with widespread grief, anxiety, and burnout. Showing employees empathy may be as easy as listening with genuine interest. It may involve offering encouragement or incentives. In some cases, it may include referring employees for counselling or deciding to put a halt to a meeting to accommodate staff’s need for a change of pace or some fresh air. Leaders who understand how to cultivate meaningful relationships with their staff are more likely to be able to rally the troops.

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